Tree of life pendant and necklace – Meaningful Beyond the Elegance

As you may already know, the tree of life is not just a fashion icon. It has many, many spiritual and cultural meanings. Of course, you can wear it simply because it is an elegant and eye-catching design for a jewelry. Or you can wear it as a blessing considering the numerous meanings behind this symbolic design. It’s up to you. But I’m here today to tell you about the deep meanings behind this symbolic tree of Life as well as the details about this particular tree of life pendant and necklace that seemed to catch the eyes of many people without an age restriction.

The best thing when it comes to the tree of Life, be it spiritual or religious, the symbolic meaning of it almost always about bringing prosperity into one’s life. The fields can be vary from birth, strengthening our inner selves, strengthening the bonds in our families to finally strengthening the connection between us and our respective religious deities. Some of those symbolic meanings behind the tree of life are as follows.

  • A symbol that can helps gain awareness, knowledge and wisdom
  • A symbol that can helps to keep on focus, inspiration and courage
  • A symbol that can inspire fresh hopes and fuel one’s strength to keep moving on with unvarying faith
  • A means to straighten the connection with the respective deities
  • A symbol that signifies the love of the god
  • Fertility, start of a new family, strengthening of the existing family bonds
  • A symbol that helps gain greater abundance, wealth and prosperity to our life
  • Tree of Life symbolizes how everything is connected in this world yet the uniqueness of each individual

A symbol that helps bring the calm serenity and peace of mind to our lives just like the feeling we get when we are simply standing under a vast tree.

Apart from the tree of Life symbol, 7 types of healing stones which are related to the 7 chakras in a human body bring some more important values to this pendant. To read more about this healing balance stones click here.

Before you read further, I want to let you know that everything that I have written below are from the point of view of a customer just like you, a customer who is looking forward to read about a product before buying it online. Just like you, I am also one of the customers in online market. So I think it is safe to say that I have somewhat knowledge about what we all are looking for before purchasing something online.

  • I also read about product details and customer reviews.
  • I too am comparing prices between the stores to find the best quality product for the lowest price possible.
  • And most importantly I also don’t like and afraid of falling for the lies of the people who sells low quality products saying there are best.

So I am warmly welcoming all of you to read this post about 7 chakra tree of life pendant and necklace, as it is written by someone just like you. someone who doesn’t own a store, someone who is trying to buy the best quality product for the lowest price possible. A customer just like you.


They truly are something. Aren’t they?

Round shaped tree of life pendant and necklace


Heart shaped tree of life pendant and necklace


(All the photos in this post are the actual screenshots I took from the stores that have mentioned below.)


Details about the life necklace / pendant

Product Name – Natural Gem Stone Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant Quartz stones / healing reiki wire wrapped round wisdom tree pendant

  • Item type – pendant and chain
  • Condition – new
  • Gender – women
  • Materials – Zinc alloys and stones
  • Pendant size – 5*5 cm
  • Chain length – about 45+5 cm
  • Style – Bohemia
  • Shape – round or heart shape
  • Pattern – Different patterns are available due to the different styles of root and branches of the tree. (Among those patterns I have mainly focused on one single design which seems more popular than the others.)
  • Main color – Gold plated copper, Platinum plated copper
  • Color of the leafs – multicolored leaves or 7 different single colored leaves

These are handmade pendants and have different designs specifically on the roots and the branches of the trees. They are either come with corded necklaces or a chain necklaces.

Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Rock crystals, citrine, opal, agate, Green Aventurine and rose quartz have been used as the colorful leafs.

This pendant and necklace could use as a fashion accessory or simply give to a loved one as a meaningful gift.


Detailed image of tree of life pendant and necklace

Where to buy, Prices and the reviews from the people who bought them before us

Even-though there are different types and styles of trees, I have done my research mainly focusing on the most popular design these days. And I want to let you know that the prices are slightly different from design to design. So the four stores that I have mentioned below are the ones that I can guarantee as the best when it comes to buying tree of life pendant and necklaces.

Different styles of tree of life pendant and necklace

AliExpress logoStore 015 out of 5 stars from overall 50+ orders and 10+ customer reviews. This store offers 29 different choices in the price range of U.S. $ 1.64 – 2.27.

AliExpress logoStore 02 – 5 out of 5 stars from overall 55+ orders and 25 customer reviews. This store offers 29 different choices in the price range of U.S. $ 1.64 – 2.24.

Amazon logoStore 03 – 4.5 out of 5 stars from overall 35+ customer reviews. This store sells pendants with corded necklaces instead of the chain necklaces for the price of U.S. $ 5.99.

Amazon logoStore o4 – 4.6 out of 5 stars from overall 75 customer reviews. This store sells a set of  three different tree of life pendant necklaces for U.S. $9.96. (So it will cost about U.S. $3.32 for single necklace)

Before you click on the links, I want to let you know that some of the above links are affiliate links. So if you click the link and buy the product, you won’t pay a penny more. But I will gets a small commission from the companies for posting this article.


Normal market price Vs. the price from above sellers

The current market price of a tree of life pendant necklace (This particular design) in U.S. is US $14.99

From the stores in AliExpress you can buy one necklace for a price between U.S. $1.64-2.27.And from the stores in Amazon website you can buy one necklace for about U.S. $3.32-5.99


Personal note

Before you guys buy the above tree of life pendant and necklace, I want to let you know that I have only mentioned the prices of the clips it selves. I did not consider the shipping costs. So the prices might be changed according to your shipping address if the free shipping option is not available.

Also, as you all know there are so many online stores out there. But among all those stores and websites I have only done my research in AliExpress and Amazon websites. So all my data are relevant to those two websites only.

When it comes to online shopping people tend to buy the products from the websites they are most familiar with. So as I have mentioned above, I have posted the store in both AliExpress and Amazon websites even though the prices and the no. of product reviews are slightly different from one to the other.

And there can be slight price changes with time, your website membership and whether or not there would be a sale going on in the store. So if you feel that the above details are not up to date please let me know by commenting below or emailing me so that I can update all the necessary information.

One more important note is that please keep in mind the colors in the pictures can be very slightly due to lightning factors, screen brightness and e.t.c. And as I have mentioned above all the photos in this article are from the actual screenshots I took from the above mentioned stores.

Last but definitely not the least,

Go! Buy the necklace! Be happy!


-As always with open arms and a happy smile,


4 thoughts on “Tree of life pendant and necklace – Meaningful Beyond the Elegance

  1. These pendants are so beautiful, I don’t even know how I’m going to pick one.
    I look forward to reading about the healing balance stones you talked about in your post. Maybe that will help me decide which one to get!!
    I really liked learning about the symbolism behind the tree of life and I’m starting a new path in life and I believe it’ll help find my inspiration and courage to carry on. Could you maybe do a post going into more detail about what the tree of life symbolises, that would be so interesting?

    1. Thank you very much for the comment Vic A. Actually I am planning on doing posts about the bracelets with healing balance stones and also the matching tree of life earrings and bracelets. I will let you know once I have posted those articles. Hopefully you will be able to decide after that. (Fingers crossed 🤞)

      And if you ask me, I would always like to buy a pendant with multicolored stones. It would go with every thing. 😉 Also if you are a new user and if you click on the store 1 link in Ali-express website, they have a new user discount going on at the moment. You would be able to buy a pendant for U.S. $0.01. (I haven’t posted this in the article because it’s not a discount price for everyone. It is only valid for new users.)

      Last but not at all the least, I sincerely wish that you find the true happiness in life from your new path in life, Vic A. 🙂

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