Headbands With Bows – Something Pretty When Everyone Is Running Late

Can you guess one of the common problems parents with young girls face on a day that the whole family is running late? Yup you guess right. It is the hassle to get everyone ready and out on time. On top of all that chaos what do you do about your little girls hair? Would they be happy with just brushing their hair neatly? would it be enough to make them smile and little more excited for the new day? Do you have time to do a little hairstyle on top of everything. I think the answer to all the above questions above is NO. Maybe it can even be an “Oh no. NO time for that. NO way.” Worry not my dear parents, I am writing this article today to help you a little with that early morning chaos. The solution to your problem is non other than our very own headbands with bows. Why don’t you put your little girls favorite headband and be done with the all messy hair problems in just minutes or may be even in seconds? Just a brush and the pretty hairband will not only save time but it would definitely make both you and your little princess happy.

First of all, I want to let you know that everything that I have written below are from the point of view of a customer just like you, a customer who is looking forward to read about a product before buying it online. Just like you, I am also one of the customers in online market. So I think it is safe to say that I have somewhat knowledge about what we all are looking for before purchasing something online.

  • I also read about product details and customer reviews.
  • I too am comparing prices between the stores to find the best quality product for the lowest price possible.
  • And most importantly I also don’t like and afraid of falling for the lies of the people who sells low quality products saying there are best.

So I am warmly welcoming all of you to read this post about headbands with bows, as it is written by someone just like you. someone who doesn’t own a store, someone who is trying to buy the best quality product for the lowest price possible. A customer just like you.

In this article, I have summarized the prices and the reviews about these hair clips from non other than the people who have bought them before us. When it comes to online shopping people tend to buy the products from the websites they are most familiar with. So I would like to let you know that I have posted the store in both AliExpress and Amazon websites even though the prices and the no. of product reviews are slightly different from one to the other.


Something this small can also be a lifesaver when it is needed, right?


Headbands with bows


(All the photos in this post are the actual screenshots I took from the stores that have mentioned below.)


Details about these headbands

  • Item type – Headwear
  • Brand – RuoShui
  • Model number – 674
  • Condition – New
  • Material – Grosgrain Ribbon, Plastic
  • Size – Bow size is about 4 inches, Headband width 1 cm
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Color – 20 different colors are available


Detailed image of headbands with bows


Not only RuoShui brand is one of the top brands in AliExpress, but these hairbands with bows are also in high quality as they are handmade with care and love.

The Grosgrain ribbon is a heavy stiff and non-fading ribbon which allows the bow to maintain its shape for a long time without any trouble.

These hairbands are not only easy to use and very convenient in our busy life styles.

Since they come in bright eye-catching colors and classy looks, without any doubt they are very suitable for not only your little girls day to day outfit but also as a part of elegant party wears.


Places to buy these bow headbands,

I have search through few websites and found the best store which sells the top quality headbands with bows for the lowest possible price. From these store you can choose your pick from 20 different eye-catching colors. So feel free to visit the following stores in AliExpress and Amazon websites to check whether what I’m saying is true or not. 😉

Click on the logo to visit the store and buy these headbands for your baby girl ➡ AliExpress logo

I have also found a store in Amazon that sell these headbands but with slightly different bow styles. They are suitable for girls between the age of 2 -10 years. (And they haven’t mentioned a specific brand in their description.) That store sells sets of 6 headbands with different color and style.

Click the logo to visit the store ➡ Amazon logo

Before you click on the links, I want to let you know that some of the above links are affiliate links. So if you click the link and buy the product, you won’t pay a penny more. But I will gets a small commission from the companies for posting this article.


Normal market price Vs. the price from above store

I have spent several hours searching for the U.S. market price for these exact headbands. But unfortunately I couldn’t find a place that sells the exact headband with various colors as I have mentioned above. Anyway from what I was able to find I got to know that a headband which has almost similar characteristics for the above headband is in the market for U.S. $3.99

There is another store in Amazon website that sells a set of six headbands for U.S. $11.99 (That means you can buy one headband for about U.S. $1.99)

Anyway the store in AliExpress sells one headband between the price range of U.S. $0.47-0.81


Reviews from the people who bought before us

The store in AliExpress that I have mentioned earlier has obtained 4.8 stars from overall 1035 product reviews. (This store has sold 1490+ orders of this particular headband as of now)

The store in Amazon has obtained 4.4 stars from overall 66 product reviews for a set of 6 headbands.


Personal Note

I want to emphasize that I have only mentioned the prices of the headbands themselves. I did not consider the shipping costs. So the prices might be changed according to your shipping address if the free shipping option is not available.

Also, as you all know there are so many online stores out there. But among all those stores and websites I have only done my research in AliExpress and Amazon websites. So all my data is relevant to those two websites only.

And there can be slight price changes with time, your website membership and whether or not there would be a sale going on in the store. So if you feel that the above details are not up to date please let me know by commenting below or emailing me so that I can update all the necessary information.

One more important note is that please keep in mind the colors in the pictures can be vary slightly due to lightning factors, screen brightness and e.t.c. And as I have mentioned above all the photos in this article are from the actual screenshots I took from the above mentioned stores.

Last but definitely not the least,

Go! Visit the stores! Buy the products! Make your little princess happy!


-As always with open arms and a happy smile,


2 thoughts on “Headbands With Bows – Something Pretty When Everyone Is Running Late

  1. You have included a lot of great information about this small but very helpful headband!
    I like how detailed you were with this article, especially about how valuable this headband is and how affordable it can be.
    Looking at the reviews for a product is always a good idea and it seems like this product is well liked.
    Thanks for an informative article!

    1. Thank you for the comment Jesse Lee. Feel free to let me know if you are interested in any type of accessory. I will be more than happy to do the research for you. 🙂

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