Bow hair clips – Something That Can Make Your Little Princess Happy!

One of the most popular hair clips these days are grosgrain ribbon, pinwheel bow clips. These clips can vary by size, shape and color. But all these are very eye-catching and make it easy to maintain your little girls hair with the help of the base alligator clips. So if you are looking forward to buying these clips, I’m here to help you with the buying process. I have done the relevant research and I have summarized everything that I could find in this article. So all the details starting from material, brand, market price to where you can buy them for a lower price but with a higher quality are all included in this article. So parents, aunts, uncles and dear siblings I welcome all of you to read this article and make your little girl happy by purchasing the best bow hair clips for a lower price than the current U.S. market price.

First of all, I want to let you know that everything that I have written below are from the point of view of a customer just like you, a customer who is looking forward to read about a product before buying it online. Just like you, I am also one of the customers in online market. So I think it is safe to say that I have somewhat knowledge about what we all are looking for before purchasing something online.

  • I also read about product details and customer reviews.
  • I too am comparing prices between the stores to find the best quality product for the lowest price possible.
  • And most importantly I also don’t like and afraid of falling for the lies of the people who sells low quality products saying there are best.

So I am warmly welcoming all of you to read this post about bow hair clips, as it is written by someone just like you. someone who doesn’t own a store, someone who is trying to buy the best quality product for the lowest price possible. A customer just like you.

As I have mentioned above, I have summarized the prices and the reviews about these hair clips from non other than the people who have bought them before us. When it comes to online shopping people tend to buy the products from the websites they are most familiar with. So I would like to let you know that I have posted the store in both AliExpress and Amazon websites even though the prices and the no. of product reviews are slightly different from one to the other.

They are pretty. Aren’t they?


Pinwheel Bow Hair-clips

(All the photos in this post are the actual screenshots I took from the stores that have mentioned below.)

Details about these clips

  • Item type – Headwear
  • Brand – YHXX YLEN
  • Model number – 564 hair ribbon bow
  • Condition – New
  • Material – Grosgrain Ribbon (width is 1 inch)
  • Size – About 3 inches
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Color – 40 different colors are available
  • Clip Design – Alligator clip (4 cm)


Detailed image of pinwheel bow hair clip


YHXX YLEN is a company which specialized in hair accessories and they have been making hair accessories for more than 20 years now. These pinwheel bow hair clips are not only in high quality but they are also handmade one by one with care and love.

The Grosgrain ribbon is a heavy stiff ribbon which allows the bow to maintain its shape for a long time without any trouble. The bright eye-catching colors of the ribbons and its never fading quality is always a plus in children accessories.

Alligator clips are useful to keep the hair from falling into little girls’ face. These clips are designed for thin hair and therefore they won’t slide off easily even the little princess play around or dance around wearing them. 🙂

Since these clips come in solid eye-catching colors they are not only wearable for little girls, but they are suitable for you, moms and aunts as well. They are suitable to be a part of your day to day outfits as well as high class outfits like party wear, simply because they are classy and elegant.


Places to buy these beautiful bow hair clips,

I have searched through numerous stores in Amazon and AliExpress to find the best quality pinwheel bow hair clips that are available for the lowest price possible. I have posted the relevant links and they will lead you directly to the best stores which sell the best hair clips.

AliExpress logo  Buy one clip at a time

Amazon logo  Buy 40 clips at once

Amazon logo  Buy 60 clips at once (These set of clips include not only solid color clips, but also polka dots and flower designs as well)

Before you click on the links, I want to let you know that some of the above links are affiliate links. So if you click the link and buy the product, you won’t pay a penny more. But I will gets a small commission from the companies for posting this article.


Designs of pinwheel bow hair clip

Normal market price Vs. the price from above sellers

The current market price for a set of 20 pinwheel hair bow clips in U.S. is US $9.58. So the price of one clips is roughly about U.S. $0.479

From the store in AliExpress you can buy one bow clip for a price between U.S. $0.25-0.31.

And from the store in amazon you can buy one set of 40 clips for U.S. $6.99. (That means you only have to pay about U.S. $0.174 for a single clip)

You can buy a set of 60 clips for U.S. $7.55. (That means you only have to pay about U.S. $0.126 for a single clip)

Review from the people who bought these bow clips before us

AliExpress store – 4.9 out of 5 stars from overall 3190+ customer reviews. This store has been sold 4591 orders of pinwheel bow hair clips at the moment.

Amazon store (To buying a set of 40 clips) – 4.5 out of 5 stars from 185+ customer reviews

Amazon store (To buy a set of 60 clips) – 5 out of 5 stars from overall 4 customer reviews

Personal note

Before you guys buy the above hair clips I want to let you know that I have only mentioned the prices of the clips it selves. I did not consider the shipping costs. So the prices might be changed according to your shipping address if the free shipping option is not available.

Also, as you all know there are so many online stores out there. But among all those stores and websites I have only done my research in AliExpress and Amazon websites. So all my data are relevant to those two websites only.

And there can be slight price changes with time, your website membership and whether or not there would be a sale going on in the store. So if you feel that the above details are not up to date please let me know by commenting below or emailing me so that I can update all the necessary information.

One more important note is that please keep in mind the colors in the pictures can be very slightly due to lightning factors, screen brightness and e.t.c. And as I have mentioned above all the photos in this article are from the actual screenshots I took from the above mentioned stores.

Last but definitely not the least,

Go! Buy the clips! Make your princess happy!


-As always with open arms and a happy smile,


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  1. The clips you mentioned here are very beautiful. Thanks for your information. It’s useful that you quote the price of these hair clips. I will recommend these to my nieces.

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