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Hello Everyone,

First of all I would like to welcome and thank you all for visiting this website and reading this post. My name is Anjali and I am the one who’s working behind this website. Do you want to know how I came up with this website and what I am planning to achieve from this website? Well if you want to know or you are someone like me who came across this post randomly while you wander around, please read a bit further and you will know the concept behind ” The Happy Look”.


What is this Happy Look?

Well what I meant by happy look is simply that small smile which come to your face whenever you see something that makes you happy. That beautiful photo of your face which we only able to capture on the exact moment that you felt happy. No reason, no judging your feelings, no overthinking, just that pure and innocent happiness that comes within you.

I am going to share with you something that is really sensitive to me. I am actually a graduate chemist whom even studied for master’s degree. But along the line life happens and I had to face a mountain loads of problems. They all took a huge toll on my mental health and I had to take medicine for depression for about 8-10 months. So believe me when I say that now I have some idea about what is the most important in life. You know getting a degree, being physically healthy, making lot of money or being surrounded by loved ones are not the most important thing in one’s life. Sure they are important. I am not denying that. But they are not the ‘most’ important thing. In order to enjoy all the good things I have mentioned above, first we need a stable and happy mind. If not how can we enjoy anything at all?

During the period I was so depressed, I absentmindedly surf the internet and I began to order small things for me. You know somethings like a ring, a hair band, phone case… The small things that we don’t even pay much attention to when we are busy. But you know what I realized after purchasing few of those things? I felt a small spark of happiness whenever I saw them. When the outside world became so hard, I tend to look at my hands and saw the small ring I am wearing. I felt happy. When I am surrounded by the people I care about, yet I felt alone, I look at my phone and saw the pretty cover I brought. That brought a small smile to my face. When I don’t feel like getting up or dressing up I wore my favorite hair tie. That made me a little exited and gave me a little confidant to face the day.

So what I am trying to say is in order to enjoy all the privileges we have, first we must have a happy mind. To have a happy mind we have to distract ourselves from the problems that weighing us down. That small distraction can be easily achieved with small pretty things that we come to love. The things that won’t even cost a dollar or two can really chase our bad mood away. They will give us a happy look on life itself. This is what made me come up with this website.


What am I trying to achieve here?

As you all got to know the reason behind this website, I will now tell your what is the goal of this website. As you all may know there are so many online stores in the world. And even in one site like Amazon, EBay or Ali express there are many sellers who sell the same product for different prices. So in our busy day to day life we don’t exactly have time to go through all these products and find the best quality product that costs the least.

That is where this website is coming from. I am planing to do research, compare details, reviews and prices of the same products that is out there. And I am planing to gather information about the most quality products that I can find which are also cost less. I will post those product details and the relevant links in this website. So you can simply go through my product lists and chose that small pretty things you think you will come to love. Then simply click on the relevant link and Wolahh… you will be able to purchase the best product for the money that you are paying. This way you can buy all around the best products within minutes. Or even seconds if you know hat you are looking for.

You don’t have to trust my word. Just simply do your own research and check whether what I am posting is truly the best and the least costly item you can find. If you are confident that I am telling the truth, then continue to visit this site. And also let me know what pretty little things you want to purchase in the future and I will be more than happy to do the research for you. Of course internet is limitless and new products come to market every second. So if you happen to find something better than the one I posted, let me know that too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, if you simply want someone to talk to, feel free to leave them below as a comment or contact me privately at anjali@thehappylookbya2hk.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Never forget that “a pretty thing can really chase away the bad mood”. Happiness is truly one of the simplest things in our lives and something that is very easy to achieve. But the problem is that we just don’t know that simple way. True happiness is really the simple things in life.

Wish you all much, much more success and may you all always truly be happy!


With open arms and a happy smile,


(Founder of thehappylookbya2hk.com)

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